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Wine collection management application



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Mi Bodega (my winery) is an amazing application that will help you manage your wine collection. The types of wines that this tool works with include: white, barrel fermented white, rose, red, cava and champagne.

Mi Bodega lets you save a huge amount of information on each wine: its name, the winery that produced it, the type of grape, the region, the type of bottle, alcohol content, etc.

You can also add other kinds of information, such as an image of the wine's container, or a list of the number of units left in your cellars.

But there is more, Mi Bodega lets you save information on each one of the wine tasting phases you've completed, you know, visual phase, aroma phase, and taste phase.

Finally, the Mi Bodega reports system will let you print out documents with information on the number of wines per winery, the most preferred wines, the bottles that must be replaced, and much more.

Lets you create a limited number of entries.

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